Camping in Croatia – Returning to nature and to the sustainable form of travel

Croatia is recognized among camping experts and enthusiasts as one of the best camping destinations in Europe thanks to its long tradition of camping and ecotourism. This is evidenced by more than 526 camping locations, which include mini-camps adapted to the needs of families, as well as fully equipped apartments and mobile homes. Today, Croatia […]

Travel tips in tourism – TOP destination in 2022

Forbes magazine about Istria region in Croatia: Beautiful and delicious. The world’s most influential lifestyle magazine Forbes published a great story about Istria in Croatia! Another extremely valuable announcement for Istria – the famous American Forbes, one of the most influential media in the world, published a large report about the Istrian peninsula in its […]

3 effective ways to avoid ‘burnout’ in the peak of the season

Did you know that studies have shown that work overload reduces productivity by as much as 65%? 🤔 If we are talking about work overload in the hotel industry (tourism) and hospitality, it occurs to a large extent in the peak of the (summer) season. It’s really wonderful to work in the tourism and hotel […]

eCheckin (ex. inCheckin) – Mini Hotel integration

Every guest staying in Croatia must be registered with the Croatian Tourist Board through the eVisitor information system for registration and de-registration of tourists.  In other words, all legal or natural persons who provide an overnight stay service in an accommodation facility are obliged to register all persons to whom they provide an overnight stay […]

Web Račun – Mini Hotel integration

Why did we decide to integrate with the Web Račun invoicing system? In addition to the excellent Web Račun team led by the super Saša, Web Račun delighted us with its simple and intuitive interface. Considering the fact that our Mini Hotel team consists of colleagues who also manage their own accommodation facilities (apartments, hotels), […]

Welcome letter: the best way to welcome your guests

Customer service and hospitality dynamics are the key aspects of providing excellent hotel service.  In this article we will tell you all about a key tool to make a perfect first impression: the welcome letter. In this article you will learn about the benefits and advantages of designing a welcome letter. In addition, we share […]

Top 10 advantages of having a Cloud Based PMS

Technology in the management of accommodations is a key aspect to improve the guest experience, that is why Mini Hotel tells you 10 advantages of having a Cloud Based PMS. The experience of each traveler can be enhanced by acquiring new technologies for the management of accommodations. Every guest in the world begins their journey […]

3 benefits of having a booking engine

A booking engine integrated into your website can increase your sales and minimize commission expenses, because it is a technology specially developed to boost hotel revenues.