AKTIVA – Serbia

AKTIVA is a business and bookkeeping software, launched as a product of the software company VIRTEV, which, together with experts in thefield of programming, web development, and web design, has been working and developing efficiently for several years. We have established ourselves through many successfully implemented projects, and our satisfied partners are sufficient proof of our desire to stand out with quality.

Researching the market it was easy to identify the need for bookkeeping and accounting novelties in their business models. Often people underestimate the value of bookkeepers, thinking that keeping paperwork is the only task for them. Even more, that paperwork is not particularly demanding and challenging, although their role has gone far beyond paperwork.

If we know that the tax system is very complex and that the penalties for non-compliance with the laws that regulate it are very high, we understand how responsible the job and the role of accountants are.

AKTIVA software was founded as a solution to this problem, as a perfect accountant in digital form. It is meticulous and up-to-date, with the ability to monitor the type and character of all transactions.
It creates an opportunity for you to see the course of your business in the right way. We are born out of cooperation, expertise, new ideas, hard work, and a firm determination to maintain that high standard.

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