How to create OTA profiles


In order to have multiple online sales channels and for the Channel Manager to work perfectly, it is necessary to have created profiles in the OTAs.
In this regard, it is important to note that our technical support team is not in charge of this task.

The creation of profiles in the OTAs is the responsibility of the hoteliers. However, we share relevant information so that you can create your profile without problems.
Each Online Sales Agency has its own requirements, but with this overview, it may be easier to create the hosting profile.
To create the hotel profile, you must enter the home page of the desired OTA (, Airbnb, Despegar, etc.). Then, go to “Register” “New user” or the variants that appear depending on the OTA.

There, you will have to fill in the required data.
The user will consist of an email and a password, which will be useful to modify any data or even to generate the synchronization with the Channel Manager.
If you have not yet completed your profile, it is important to know it is necessary that the room categories of the accommodation and the guest capacity must be loaded as they are loaded in the Mini Hotel system.
In addition, to start synchronizations, the hotel profile must be complete. That is, it must have images, descriptions, room categories, contact information and all the required information.