Point of Sale

Hotel POS

Ideal for accommodations that offer gastronomic services. Mini Hotel POS was designed to organize your Kiosk, Bar or Restaurant restaurant.

Now, you can keep control of the stock  and the products.


  • Unlimited and easy to use item menu.
  • Inventory management
  • Auto Sale of combined products (Example: Hamburger + Extras)
  • Restaurant/Tables Mode
  • Sale of products to non-hosted people
  • Printing orders for the kitchen, bar or other points of sale.
  • Compatible for A4 or 80mm printer.
  • Direct charge to room with statement printing.
  • Electronic command for different sectors.
  • Account or billing division.
  • Automatic tip calculator.
  • Reduction (percent / nominal).
  • Cash reports
  • Different points of sale

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