Yield Manager

A whole system designed to increase your revenue. This function optimizes the economic performance based on the hotel’s occupancy. The hotelier defines the rules in the system. The system is configured by each user to define the price of the rooms automatically according to demand.

Smart Pricing System

Our Yield Manager will apply the best price according to the occupancy of your property. A feature developed by revenue experts.

How does it work?

The hotelier defines the rules in the system. That is, how much the rate will vary according to supply / demand. Examples: when the occupancy exceeds 75%, the rate will automatically increase by 20%. Ideal for planning your hotel’s calendar in the long term, according to each season.
Define the rules
Automatic rates

Real-Time Distribution

This module synchronizes with the Channel Manager and the Booking Engine to sent the new rates to the OTAs and your Homepage. All your prices, according to demand.
Updated on the OTAs
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