Channel Manager

A special tool to increase your revenue and avoid overbookings. Use our PMS to manage your calendar and manually create, modify and cancel reservations.

You will see all reservations by the OTAs and by your homepage automatically reflected on the Mini Hotel Room Calendar. 

With our Channel Manager, connect your property with more than 400 Online Travel Portals.

Real-Time Distribution

All your bookings will be reflected on the Mini Hotel Room Calendar automatically.

Our channel manager offers realtime availability. All your portals are synchronized regularly, thus avoiding overbooking.

Connected Channels

Mini Hotel offers more than 400 channels directly connected to a single point.

New: we have a new integration with

Most popular channels

Avoid Overbookings

Our channel manager allows you to obtain more reservations by offering realtime availability automatically, synchronizing many travel portals without the risk of overbooking.

Distribution of rates

Choose different rates for the connected travel portals.

Apply restrictions

Set minimum nights and closures for all channels.

Your next guest, just a click away

Guests can find your property in the busiest portals, and you will be paying only the cost per click.

MiniHotel connects with TripAdvisor, Google Hotel Ads and Trivago.

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