Frequent Questions

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We have compiled the most frequently asked questions by our clients. If any of these questions does not answer your question, contact us.

Table of Contents

Features and implementation

Yes, you will be able to obtain database of guests, as well as companies and current accounts. You will not have to ask for your guests’ personal data if they have previously stayed at your hotel.

To start the configuration, the hotel must complete a form with the necessary information, then proceed to train all staff on the use of the system. Complementing the process with videos and user manuals. The implementation time is estimated between 5 to 10 days, depending on hotel size and needs.

The monthly fee is independent of the amount of reservations that are being managed. It is a fixed price established at the time of purchase.

Yes, the initial training for management will explain how to create users and establish the different permissions, so any modification or creation of a new user can be done by the appropriate person without the need for technical support.

You will be able to enter all the agents, companies and city ledger accounts with which you work. In a quick and simple way, you can select the agent or company inside a guest or group reservation. You will be able to see the different charges of your current account, cash flow. You can link the payments to the different charges or invoices, and always know the balance due, per account or agent.

Our system is cross platform. It can be installed on any Operating System: Mac, Windows, Linux. We also have an App for Android and iOS.

Restaurant & Point Of Sale

Our gastronomic feature allows you to manage the restaurant, bar and different points of sale. You can serve tables, charge the room, print receipt, make reductions or add tips, sell to non-guests. You can also identify the waiter who attends each table, register the entry of goods, control the stock, identify suppliers and invoices paid or pending payments. Define and modify items and prices.

The gastronomic feature allows you to manage the tables and consumption of guests as well as people that are not staying at the hotel.

The system generates a large number of useful reports to facilitate the work of management, receptionists, housekeeping, etc. One of the reports is about meals, therefore the hotelier will be able to know each day for how many people he will have to prepare breakfast, lunch or dinner.

If the hotel uses or needs to contract other specific software to any area of the hotel, we have the possibility of integrating with other systems through our API.

No. All reservations entered from Booking Engine will be automatically in your calendar since, like OTAs, it is connected to the Channel Manager. These are direct hotel reservations, no commission will be paid for them.

Reservations from Booking Engine, the guest can book not only a room, but also tours, transfers, meals, activities or any other extra service that the hotel offers.

Billing and Accounting

The cash control allows you to record both income and expenses, specifying to which department it belongs or why the money it’s being moved, generating a cash balance and a control of the details of each transaction. There is also a specific report of expenses by department, in a certain period of time, which will serve to control your expenses and use that information for decision-making.

Yes. Once a reservation is made, the guest will already have an account/folio with a debit and payment columns. There, you can access and see the balance, and to make payments, charges, and refunds.

In our system, you will be able to issue reports of cash movements of different users and generate reports during the period you find convenient.

Each receptionist will control their tasks, with this functionality. Management may request income and expense reports according to departments to facilitate decision-making.

As the hotel issues invoices for its guests, the system generates a detailed report on the invoices, issued by date, user and category. In addition, the VAT Tur, and CITI Sales Book on TXT Files is specific format to present in AFIP.

All the reports including the one generated by Mini Hotel can be exported using an excel file and sent via mail. They are also available to print.

Channel Manager

The Channel Manager is an essential tool to sell online. With Mini Hotel Channel Manager you will automatically see all the reservations made by the OTAs and your own site’s booking engine on the calendar. You can update availability in real time and avoiding overbooking.

We can connect with all portals the hotel works with. The system is scalable, so it is possible to modify or add OTAs over time.

You can easily set rates and restrictions in the system, and they will be automatically sent through the Channel Manager to the different travel channels online. You can also send your rates and restrictions on demand whenever you like.