What do I need to connect the Channel Manager?


Our Technical Support team is always ready to connect the Channel Manager and improve the hotel management.

In order to generate this synchronization it is necessary to coordinate a meeting with our team.
At the time of the meeting it will be extremely important:

  1. To have OTAs profiles complete and with identical data as they are loaded in the PMS.
  2. Have a username and password of the OTA’s profile.
  3. Have access to the device linked to the portals account, as all OTAs work with a verification code.
  4.  Have Any Desk downloaded: anydesk.com
  5.  Configure Mini Hotel’s price list with the same currency they work with in the portal.
  6. Have all the previous reservations loaded in the hotel system.
  7. Load the price lists for a minimum of 6 months onwards.


These 7 items are essential to proceed with the Channel Manager connection.


connect the channel manager minihotel