MiniHotel Booking Engine

Receive bookings directly from your website and increase your revenue with the commission free Mini Hotel Booking Engine. While guests save money, you’ll share fewer of your earnings with the OTAs.

Our new booking engine has more than 500 (!) credit card providers and payment gateways to connect seamlessly from across the globe. It is PCI-compliant, secured, mobile-ready, and has a way to customize its design to perfectly align it with your unique website. We have Coupons, Multi Rates (standard, non-refundable, etc.), and other features, to better serve your clientele.

Our Booking engine is innovative, crafted with the best designers and engineers, to provide you and your guests with a modern experience when they book online.

Mini Hotel Booking Engine has just had a new edition, and a brand new, shiny, and top-notch version of it was released in September 2023, and since then, we have been maintaining it regularly.

You can see our booking engine here:

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