Civitfun Hospitality

Civitfun Hospitality is the leader in guest management digitization – from check-in to check-out. Speed up your guests’ check-in efficiently with our online check-in software for hotels. The ultimate solution to paperwork and waits at hotel reception desks.

Civitfun Hospitality’s online check-in for hotels saves you both time and money. By automating the check-in process at your hotel or apartment, you minimize the risk of human error in the collection of guest data at the reception desk. Plus, data is collected more quickly than manually. This saves time for both receptionists and guests, and it translates in shorter queues at the reception desk during hotel’s check-in or check-out hours. Moreover, our online check-in platform can be integrated into any PMS on the market, so you can manage everything from a single platform.

Civitfun Hispitality is available with MiniHotel PMS.

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