How to create email templates


In the hospitality industry it is very important to keep in touch with guests. Therefore, from our PMS you can create automatized emails and special templates for each occasion.

The templates can be created considering several languages and some data related to the reservation.

To create a new template, you must access “Settings” and go to the “Documents definition” section.
There, you will find the “Letters” button, click on it. On the screen you will see the templates already created, and the “New template +” button.

If you click there, you will be able to create a new email template to automate communication with guests.

Once you have completed the text and selected the languages in which you want to share the email, click on “Save” and enjoy the interaction with your guests.
The buttons under the heading “Placeholders” function as data fields that are filled in automatically. Thus, you can generate personalized messages in a simple way.