3 effective ways to avoid ‘burnout’ in the peak of the season

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Did you know that studies have shown that work overload reduces productivity by as much as 65%? 🤔

If we are talking about work overload in the hotel industry (tourism) and hospitality, it occurs to a large extent in the peak of the (summer) season.

It’s really wonderful to work in the tourism and hotel industry sector – the work is dynamic, most of the time it’s really nice to work with people, and the salaries (together with the tips) can be satisfactory. If there are also like-minded colleagues with whom we have a good laugh during the break, the summer working season can be a wonderful memory.

However, if we move away from this utopian picture, the situation can often be somewhat different (we are really 100% positive, but we speak from our own experience…).

Therefore, apart from the fact that in the heart of the season, working hours as such often do not exist (overtime work is considered a normal and acceptable phenomenon) and free days are a real rarity, there are also various types of work that often exceed our contractually prescribed ‘tasks’.

However, there are ways to successfully deal with everything that seasonal work throws at you, and below, you can find out about 3 effective ways to keep your balance (and save your own nerves) even in the peak of the working season:

1.) Organize your work tasks – at the end of each working day, prepare your tasks for the next day. Also, try to stick to the tasks you need to do that day as much as possible, i.e. keep your focus on what you are doing at that moment. Also, when you are done with one job, only then switch to another. If you can not avoid multitasking, then try to limit the number of tasks to a maximum of two at a time. If you feel that the stress level exceeds the limits that you can no longer bear well, definitely try to take short breaks from work as often as possible, drink and eat a healthy snack, and breathe fresh air.

2.) Don’t take things personally – yes, we know, easier said than done. However, research has shown that people who have managed to develop the skill of ’emotional shield’ are significantly less exposed to the harmful effects of stress. The thing is, every job is ultimately just that – a job. Of course, you will perform your work responsibly and in accordance with expectations, but if you manage to look at things from a different perspective (and with more sense of humor), things themselves will begin to change for the better. As they say – be the change you want to see. 😉

3.) Meditate! Yes, we know, nowadays, ‘meditation’ is a very popular word and unfortunately it is often misused… But trust us – meditation in any form really works.

We’re not talking here about digging into your head (if that suits you, go for it!), but about finding those 15 minutes in your day that you’ll devote exclusively to yourself.

Do whatever you think you need in the day to relax, put all the electronic devices away from you and put a smile on your face. Practice this every day and there is no such guest who will throw you off track. 😉

Be that as it may, you either like seasonal work or you don’t. We at Mini Hotel have to admit that we love it, but of course, we also love our peace, so we always try our best to maintain balance and not allow ourselves to ‘burnout’.

Good luck! 😊

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