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Why did we decide to integrate with the Web Račun invoicing system?

In addition to the excellent Web Račun team led by the super Saša, Web Račun delighted us with its simple and intuitive interface. Considering the fact that our Mini Hotel team consists of colleagues who also manage their own accommodation facilities (apartments, hotels), our primary desire was to create an integration with the system that we ourselves would use for the purpose of issuing invoices.

Our number two wish was that by integrating Mini Hotel and Web Račun, we could offer clients a quality user experience – without unnecessary system installations, everything in one place – (calendar, reservations, invoices, receipts…) and an affordable price (read ‘free’ for Mini Hotel users 😊).

Moreover, every user of the Mini Hotel system also gets direct access to the Web Račun system. In other words, an additional benefit is that each client can choose between two designs (looks) of the invoice – Mini Hotel’s design and/or Web Račun’s design. In addition, business offers can be created in a simple way from the Web Račun, as well as an overview of the turnover book and an overview of the balance for the selected period (so-called recapitulation of turnover) and payment method.

Apart from the above, the Web Račun contains additional functions and benefits that each client can explore and use as desired.

And finally, it is not out of place to mention that all users of the Mini Hotel system can use the Web Račun system completely free of charge.

We really have to agree that Web Račun’s slogan – ‘The Web Račun system is designed to be your right hand, not an additional burden!’ – is indeed true. Try it yourself and you will feel the same!

You can find out more about Web Račun via the website here – Webračun – Online izdavanje računa i fiskalna blagajna (webracun.com)

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