3 benefits of having a booking engine

A booking engine integrated into your website can increase your sales and minimize commission expenses, because it is a technology specially developed to boost hotel revenues.

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A booking engine integrated into your website can increase your sales and minimize commission expenses, because it is a technology specially developed to boost hotel revenues.

A Booking Engine is a tool specially designed to increase direct sales from the hotel’s own channels and without intermediaries. This tool allows you to eliminate commission costs and boost your hotel’s revenue. It also allows you to improve the user experience and your brand recognition. Therefore, it is one of the keys to success.
The integration of a booking engine on the website is important for all hotel businesses. At Mini Hotel PMS we are experts in high quality hotel management and we would like to tell you 3 benefits of having a booking engine.

1. Increase sales without commissions

With a booking engine it is possible to save commission costs that must be paid in the case of receiving reservations through Online Travel Agency (OTAs). In addition, this function allows to receive sales at any time of the day, because the user and future guest can make their purchase on their own.
This tool not only frees up service personnel, but also allows each customer to enjoy their autonomy. Nowadays, most travelers prefer to self-manage some tasks, and the booking engine is ideal for these cases. The booking engine provides access to an online calendar with updated availability and, if synchronized with a Channel Manager, avoids the risk of overbooking.

2. Better service to your guests

The booking engine allows everything to be done from a single website. This makes the job of researching your potential customer much easier. With a booking engine integrated into your social networks and website, users will be able to access all the information they need in one place without the need to contact hotel staff.
In these times, immediacy is a quality parameter, that is why generating quick responses and making reservations possible guarantees the hotel’s efficiency. The faster and more intuitive the system, the more your hotel’s profitability increases.

3. Optimization of resources

The booking engine works automatically and this allows to generate sales without the work of the hotel staff. This function is designed to optimize resources by saving time and costs, but at the same time generating sales.
With a Booking Engine you will be able to configure the rates, the capacity of your accommodation, the extras, the amounts to be charged as down payments and many other aspects. Also, through this tool, the future guest can make a reservation in a safe way and the system itself expedites the confirmation of the reservation.

The Booking Engine takes care of collecting all the necessary information during the sales process, so that it is not necessary to ask for more information afterwards. So your hotel staff and guests are happier.

2 Booking Engines models

We have 2 booking engine models to make your life easier.

Standard Mini Hotel: Simplified design, responsive, easy integration and usability. It has discount coupons, languages and payment gateways.

Silver WuBook: Multi-functional design, responsive and payment gateway integration.

Which one do you choose to boost your hotel? Increase your sales with a Booking Engine!

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