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Every guest staying in Croatia must be registered with the Croatian Tourist Board through the eVisitor information system for registration and de-registration of tourists. 

In other words, all legal or natural persons who provide an overnight stay service in an accommodation facility are obliged to register all persons to whom they provide an overnight stay service in the eVisitor system within 24 hours of their arrival and deregister their stay within 24 hours of their departure.

Doesn’t sound so complicated, does it?

However, we also well remember that time not so long ago when all guest data was manually entered into eVisitor. Imagine that you work at the hotel reception, the season is in full swing, and the guests are impatiently waiting for their documents, while you try to manually enter all the necessary data from the guest documents into eVisitor in a record time. Stress is getting higher and higher…Maybe a bit complicated though? 🙄

eCheckin (ex. inCheckin) has decided to put an end to that! Thanks to the successful cooperation with the Croatian Tourist Board, advanced technology and the efforts of the eCheckin team, the application reads the data from the guests’ documents in a simple way, and then they are automatically sent to the eVisitor platform in just a few clicks. In other words, logging into the eVisitor system is no longer necessary since all guest data is automatically sent from the application to eVisitor.

Also, since it is a ‘scan’ of the guests’ documents, there is no retention of the guests’ travel documents or photos of the documents. This means that the eCheckin application is fully compliant with GDPR provisions – the guest’s privacy is protected at all times.

And for all non-supporters of applications (we know there are those!) eCheckin has also developed a web (desktop) version for PC devices (laptop, computer). The interface of the desktop version is very similar to the interface of the application, and instead of the camera of a mobile device, you will use the camera of a PC device (e.g. a laptop) to read guests’ documents. The further process of registering a guest on eVisitor is very similar to the one in the application – in just a few clicks, the guest will be automatically registered on eVisitor.

And finally, it is not out of place to mention that all users of the Mini Hotel system can use the eCheckin application (including the desktop version) completely free of charge.

Not because they are our partners (ok, we admit, maybe just a little bit because of that…😊), but because it’s a true fact – we can say with absolute certainty that eCheckin defeats all competition on the market.

Well done eCheckin! 👏

You can find out more about eCheckin via the website here – Klikni i prijavi! | eCheckin

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